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Eatin features/Table management - no table plan

This option allows using the software to manage a list of tables.
Each table can have a single command enabled at the same time.
By clicking on the "Consumption on site" option, you will be prompted to choose a table in the same way as to choose an item: the list of tables is displayed, you can carry out a search by typing your search on the keyboard.
The list of tables can also be called with the keyboard shortcut: $6
By choosing a table for which an order is already registered, you switch to the order already registered on this table.

QRcodes to present on the tables

By going to the table configuration page, then using the print button, you can print QR codes.
These QRcodes can be printed and placed on each of the tables.
Customers will be able to scan these QRcodes to get your menu, place an order, or even pay for their current orders (with the appearance of your online store).
Waiters will also be able to scan this QRcode to obtain the invoice associated with this table in the software, or open the table in question to register orders.
Only QRcodes can be used by customers, the passage in 2D barcode can only be used for servers.
When the customer scans the QRcode of his table, he is redirected to a version of your online store where the delivery method is automatically on site, where it is no longer necessary to identify himself or provide an email, and where the selected table is automatically the one that corresponds to the QRcode.

Table plan management

Você pode ativar o sistema de gestão da tabela no programa de configuração, a ordem das páginas. Uma vez que o recurso está ativado, você pode acessar o programa de configuração, página Tabelas, a fim de configurar o plano de tabela de sua loja. Diferentes modelos de mesas, sofá e peças de decoração estão disponíveis, a fim de mapear a arquitetura do seu lugar. Para excluir um elemento, arraste-utside da área de exibição, se você pretende rodar um elemento, clique sobre ele.
Durante uma ordem, os vendedores podem selecionar a opção Eatin, em seguida, será solicitado para seleccionar uma tabela.

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