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Crédito e gestão da dívida

As the software is able to store many informations about your customers, it is also possible to associate a debt or a credit to a customer.
Credit management
The principle of credit management is to associate a customer account to an order.
If a customer ask for a refund, you can use the Credit refund action to refund his order on his customer account.
Then the customer can use his credit in order to pay an order.
Debt management
If an order has been associated to a customer, and that order has not been paid, it will be listed in the debts of a client.
When you browse to the Client setup page, you will be able to see a column showing the debt of each customer.
If a client has some debt, you can click the figure to access the list of the orders of that particular customer that have not been paid yet.
In this page, you can proceed to the payment of all the unpaid orders of that customer.
You can also send an email to that client, with the message of your choice, and the recap of the unpaid orders.

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